Welcome Dentists! Cutting Edge offers proven methods to grow your dental practice.


Welcome Surgeons! Cutting Edge offers proven methods to grow your surgery practice.
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Greetings. My name is Christopher Scott.

christopher-scott-dentist-web-design-marketingI’m the Founder & Chief Persuasion Architect here at Cutting Edge Digital Marketing.

We offer digital marketing services for professionals in highly competitive niches such as plastic surgery, dental and law. Services include website makeoverssearch engine optiization (SEO), PPC, social media marketing and more.

You need a good web strategy because your website and digital marketing simply won’t succeed without proper research, planning, intuitive design, and Internet marketing using search engine best practices that drive customers to your website.

Your website needs to be constructed from the ground up with SEO and mobile phones in mind. Today, smart businesses are placing more of their marketing spend on the web so the services and assistance of a dedicated and experienced digital marketing team are often required.

Website Makeovers & Digital Marketing

For many clients we’re the “webmaster in a nutshell” and take care of everything from domain name management to secure SSL hosting, web design, website development, SEO, social media, Google & more. Our most popular services are a website makeover followed by an aggressive digital marketing campaign.

Y’know, all that stuff that gets pretty complicated and takes way to much of your time?

You can boost your practice by allowing us to take care of your digital marketing needs.

After all, we’ve been at it for 20 years and understand that as a business owner you really don’t have time to figure out all that “web stuff”.

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