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Web Site Consulting BC Canada

Collision Repair

Jan 2014 - SWM team optimizes Church Brothers Collision Repair website for search engines.

Indianapolis Collision Repair

Whistler Canada

Jul 2013 - SWM team redesigns Whistler Outfitters website to be responsive to all devices and increase search engine saturation.

Whistler Canada

Bankruptcy Indianapolis

Aug 2010 - Scott Web Media launches refreshed Indianapolis Bankruptcy website.

Bankruptcy Indianapolis

Sep 2009 - Scott Web Media launches Whistler Window Washing website.

Window Washing

Whistler Network Launched

Jan 2008 - Scott Web Media launches a powerful NEW Social Networking platform for Whistler Outfitters.


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Website Statistics & Analytics

Stats are extremely important in the world of websites and business.

Analytics and Statistics - Photo features a global map with total visits to the website seperated by color code for each continentPopular Analytics and Statistics programs allow webmasters and website owners to view and track important information gathered from a website.

Keep track of how many people visit your website, where the traffic is coming from, how they found the website and more. Scott Web Media is well versed in website statistics packages and programs.

Analytics and tracking programs for business websites can be used to track marketing activity, make refinements to the website by studying user activity and more.

Website stats programs allow you to keep track of all activity on your website. Every single footstep, all search engine activity, top content and more! Online tracking also gives you a clear idea of how well your website is performing for your target customers. Online and offline marketing campaigns can be tracked and goals set by clearly defining certain website activity.


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