Cascading Style Sheets
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Web Site Consulting BC Canada

Collision Repair

Jan 2014 - SWM team optimizes Church Brothers Collision Repair website for search engines.

Indianapolis Collision Repair

Whistler Canada

Jul 2013 - SWM team redesigns Whistler Outfitters website to be responsive to all devices and increase search engine saturation.

Whistler Canada

Bankruptcy Indianapolis

Aug 2010 - Scott Web Media launches refreshed Indianapolis Bankruptcy website.

Bankruptcy Indianapolis

Sep 2009 - Scott Web Media launches Whistler Window Washing website.

Window Washing

Whistler Network Launched

Jan 2008 - Scott Web Media launches a powerful NEW Social Networking platform for Whistler Outfitters.


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CSS Website Design

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are a breakthrough in Web design because they allow developers and site owners to control the style and layout of multiple Web pages with a single document. With CSS, when you want to change the way certain page elements look, you simply change the style, and that element is updated everywhere it appears within the website.

Scott Web Media uses CSS to design webpagesIn the past every single webpage throughout an entire website would have to be edited to reflect a new style. Imagine a 3000+ page website that requires a new font or color for text and the time it would take to change all of those pages one by one.

Thank god for CSS as this change can now be accomplished in seconds. Without CSS in place on a website that size, the cost and time involved to make a small change to every page would be immense. CSS can mean seconds while non-CSS can mean weeks in a case such as this.

Scott Web Media uses CSS to design websites. CSS allows us to make changes to an entire website nearly automatically and very quickly. This saves us time which is passed on to our clients in the form of lower total project rates.


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