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Collision Repair

Jan 2014 - SWM team optimizes Church Brothers Collision Repair website for search engines.

Indianapolis Collision Repair

Whistler Canada

Jul 2013 - SWM team redesigns Whistler Outfitters website to be responsive to all devices and increase search engine saturation.

Whistler Canada

Bankruptcy Indianapolis

Aug 2010 - Scott Web Media launches refreshed Indianapolis Bankruptcy website.

Bankruptcy Indianapolis

Sep 2009 - Scott Web Media launches Whistler Window Washing website.

Window Washing

Whistler Network Launched

Jan 2008 - Scott Web Media launches a powerful NEW Social Networking platform for Whistler Outfitters.


Website Design Indianapolis Free Estimate

Whistler Outfitters

Whistler BC Canada and tourism are the focus of the Whistler Outfitters website. Whistler resort hosts upwards of 2.5 million visitors each year.

Whistler OutfittersAfter 10 years, Whistler Outfitters continues to increase market share and has increased total visitor numbers to the resort. The Whistler Outfitters website serves up thousands of pages of information to hundreds and sometimes thousands of visitors everyday that are all targeted to the Whistler product. The site ranks very high in search engines for thousands of target terms and has a high customer retention rate (49% of visitors to the site "save in favorites").

UPDATE: 07/28/2013

SWM migrates entire Whistler Outfitters website to new responsive simplified design.

Social Networking

  • Members can invite new members, meet new people, and make new friends on the Whistler network.
  • Full message center with address book importing from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail.
  • See which members of the Whistler network are online now.
  • Customizable profile pages.
  • Photo slideshows, video players, music players, and network badges, that can be embeded anywhere on the Internet.
  • Members can set different privacy settings for every photo, video, group, or blog post they contribute.
  • RSS feeds of the Whistler network's features, such as members, discussions, photos, videos, music/podcasts, and blog posts.

Photo Sharing

  • Upload photos from a computer, mobile phone, or Flickr account.
  • Add photo comments, ratings, tags, locations, favorites, and share via email.
  • Create, organize, and view albums.
  • Create, view and “embed” photo slideshows from the Whistler network.
  • View all photos across the social network.

Video Sharing

  • Upload videos from a computer, mobile phone, or any video service on the web such as Youtube.
  • Add video comments, ratings, tags, locations, favorites, and share via email.
  • Create, view and “embed” Flash video players.
  • View all videos across the social network.

Discussion Forum

  • Start and tag a discussion.
  • Add discussion posts and reply to those posts.
  • Organize discussions by categories.
  • Click through the personal profile pages of other members engaged in the discussion.
  • View all discussions across your social network.


  • Create groups.
  • Make groups public or private.
  • Add group descriptions, images, discussions, and members.

Music & Podcasting

  • Create music and podcast playlists.
  • Create, view and “embed” Flash music and podcast players.

This is only a partial feature list.


Original Project Highlights

  • Discussion Forum Integration with custom features such as photo uploading and member rewards.
  • Logo and Graphic Design
  • Dynamic webpages that feed off of user interaction and user generated content.
  • Integration with vacation packaging and hotel booking engine technology. Plus the ability to reserve car rentals, ski gear rentals, lift tickets and activities all in just a few clicks.
  • Participation by Whistler locals in online discussions about Whistler creating a bridge between potential visitors and locals who share advice and photos.
  • Full visitor tracking and analytics supplying comprehensive and valuable data about the 350,000 + targeted unique visitors who have visited the site, the 3 MILLION plus pages they browse as well as keeping track of all future visits.
  • Integration of instant purchase vacation booking technologies offered in 15 different currencies and languages.
  • Search Engine optimization and best practises.

Whistler Outfitters is the first in a series of websites focused on resorts and visitor interaction online. Along with regular contributions to the site by locals and photographers, Whistler Outfitters is 100% owned and mantained by Scott Web Media.

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